Better Do CPR Than Not!

We tell people it is better to Do CPR on somebody who doesn’t need it than Not do it on somebody who does!

Dalkey Community First Responders Celine Chamberlaine, Eamonn Brennan, and Concepta Corbett (pictured above), all Killiney Village Residents, were recently featured in The Irish Times for their selfless volunteering efforts. The trio emphasises the importance of prompt CPR, asserting that bystander CPR saves lives, and it’s better to act swiftly than not at all. Their dedication to community well-being reflects the impactful role of local volunteers in emergency response.

Dalkey First Responders serve a very wide reaching area, including Killiney Village. Did you know we have two defibrillators in Killiney Village?

Locations: Druids Chair Pub and Killiney Hill Tea Rooms.

CPR and Defibrillator demonstrations will take place in St. Stephen’s Church Killiney in February 2024. We are always looking for volunteers to join this group. See accompanying article below.